Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wordpress is a Blogging Tool ONLY

WordPress Logo for people who do not know this

Don't get me wrong. I love WordPress. For Blogging. And News Articles. Absolutely! But for managing a website...eh, not so much. Here's why...

As soon as WordPress hit the scene, just about every Tom, Jane and Jerry Web designer took up building WordPress sites. Thousands. Millions of these sites sprang up almost overnight. And YES, they are easy to use. Yes, they are no brainer CMS tools for clients to use. But. Yikes. If you want a fast or secure website. Well, good luck with that.

Of course, every developer who ever sold their soul to Wordpress with refute me (politely, I hope!)

But think about it. Wordpress is a Blogging tool. Nothing more. Nothing less. Everything you do to add ability to manage your website with Wordpress is a tack-on...by some other developer.

Wordpress doesn't create these "tack-ons" other developers do. Do you pay them money to make sure your site is safe? Do you trust them? I hope so.

Ever heard of a Wordpress site getting hacked? Happens all the time. Why? because WP is Open Source Software. That means everyone (even the bad guys) know how your site works. They also can figure out how to hack you because your wp-admin is low hanging fruit. That's a huge risk to be taking with a website.

Tack-ons also create server bloat. Server Bloat slows down your site. And since Google now gives SEO preference to faster loading website...well non-WP sites will always get higher SEO.

Then to make managing a website even more fun, guess what? Wordpress updates about every 6 weeks. The updates are known to break all those add-ons and plug-ins. So you have to update them regularly. Yuck.

So, if you've figured out how to keep your WordPress up-to-date, bot free, secure and free from bloat, well GOOD FOR YOU! All that time you have to spend maintaining WordPress for all your sites could be spent doing more useful things...but I digress...

Just some thoughts from your friendly neighborhood Vancouver Web Developer who has been there and done that! Wanna know which CMS tools I do recommend? Watch this space for more articles.